National Power Supply

Home Solar Panels
As we do our research looking around for the future of energy production we’ve discovered some exciting advancements in the manufacturing of solar paneling for your home. For one, research is getting more and more advanced in ways that produce more power per hour in the sun, and the technology is becoming more affordable to the average consumer.
One of our stops was Home Depot, a fantastic store to get yourself up and going on a lot of Do-It-Yourself projects. They have selections of solar solutions everything from miniature 2-watt collectors at roughly $20 to full fledged $20,000+ arrays.
So what does this mean for us at National Power Supply? Our future in greener energy alternatives gets nearer. In the meantime, what we encourage you to do is go through and read our blogs on energy and look into what it takes to run a solar system out of your home. As with many of our existing products, future developments into the solar energy systems within our own company come down to keeping you powered for any need.
For you do-it-yourselfers, there’s even online guides you can follow that involve building your own solar panels using your own materials.